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The Columbian Centennial Housing Society (CCHS) is a non-profit, housing society, providing and maintaining high quality and affordable rental housing for low-to-moderate income individuals and families. Affordable rental housing is housing with rents equal to, or lower than, average rates in the private-market. CCHS has eligibility requirements for affordable rental housing and there is a waiting list.


Anyone can apply for affordable rental housing. However, CCHS has specific requirements, such as:

  • You are able to live independently
  • You meet the Canadian residency requirements
  • You have a source of income
  • You have names of references
  • You continue to check in with CCHS every six months to confirm that you are still in need of housing


Although independent from the Knights of Columbus, the Columbian Centennial Housing Society was inspired by the example of Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney and the Knights of Columbus to care for those in need. The founding members of the Columbian Centennial Housing Society, all of whom were members of St. Pius X Council 7359 of the Knights of Columbus, chartered the Columbian Centennial Housing Society (CCHS) in 1981 to build and maintain high quality, affordable rental housing for low and moderate income individuals and families. A cooperative effort between dedicated members of the Society and all levels of government has produced rental housing that 260 individuals and families are proud to call “ their home”.

Current and Recent Projects

Columbus Centre (2019-2021)

Construction started August 6, 2019 on the Columbian Centennial Housing Society’s newest building, Columbus Centre, located at 1165 Sutherland Avenue.

Upon completion in May/June 2021, Columbus Centre will provide 36 affordable rental suites and 12 long term “life lease” top floor suites in addition to 5 ground floor commercial units. The Society has entered a development agreement with Culos Development Group and the land has been provided by Knights of Columbus Council #2558, a closely related non-profit society. The $16.5 million dollar project is being fully funded by the two Societies with mortgage guarantees provided by BC Housing. The Society is appreciative of housing grants of $50,000 and $19,300 from CMHC and City of Kelowna respectively.